Ensemble Sanstierce

Three musicians met in 2014 in the Cologne Center for Early Music (ZAMUS) and decided to found an ensemble: SANSTIERCE (بلا بعداً ثلاثياً) – Maria Jonas, voice (Cologne), Dominik Schneider, flute and quinterna (Essen), and Bassem Hawar, djoze (Baghdad, meanwhile resident in Cologne). All three are renowned specialists in modal music. The two German musicians attempt to bring to life again the for the most part orally transmitted music of the Middle Ages, a music that was hardly ever written down, and the Iraqi’s desire is to prevent the Arabian music – with its center in Baghdad and roots in the Middle Ages – which up to now had been passed on from generation to generation, from ear to ear, from dying out. While even just a few years ago, western musicians traveled to Arabian countries in order to be close to the original, today one meets in Cologne, or Berlin, or Paris, or London. But no longer in Baghdad, in Iraq, Iran, in Syria …

Maria Jonas – voice & shruti box
Bassem Hawar – djoze (Iraqi fiddle)
Dominik Schneider – medieval flute & gittern