Bassem Hawar – DJOZE

IMG_4935The djoze is one of the oldest known music instruments of the world. The arabic word djoze means “nut“. Corresponding to his name in Iraq the djoze is made from a half coconut shell. It is the similarity in construction and playing technique between djoze and violin that gave the djoze the name skewer violin. It was Bassem Hawar himself who has established new instrument building innovations which give a better sound spectrum and diversified playing possiblities to the djoze.

You can find more info about the djoze here!

Dominik Schneider – GITTERN & MEDIEVAL FLUTE

IMG_4929The gittern (made by Martin Uhlig) is an instrument similar to a small lute of monoxylic design that was brought to Europe by the Moors in the 13th century. A similar instrument (called: qanbus) is still played in Yemen even today, where it is rooted in traditional music.

IMG_4930Such parallels are extremely important, because they can help us in reconstructing not only the instruments but also the way of playing them.

The transverse flute is a personal reconstruction of a medieval flute by Dominik Schneider. It is made after one of the earliest surviving instruments, iconographic sources and other flutes that have influenced European culture.

Have a look here for more info about the flutes.

Sometimes we use also the following instruments:

IMG_4939 shruti box

IMG_4944 frame drums und other percussion instruments

IMG_4950 hand bells (from Michael Metzler)