Songs of War and Peace اغاني من الحرب والسلام

There is hardly another place whose name resonates to such a great degree, hardly another city in the world that is more known for conflicts and wars, that is more enveloped in legends as Jerusalem. Jerusalem is venerated as the “Holy City.” In the name of religion, people have committed barbaric atrocities in the struggle for this city for over a thousand years.

Abraham’s holy city bears many names whose meanings always have the same nucleus. It is the city of peace – for Jews, Christians and Muslims: Yerushalayim, Orschalim and in Arabic Al Quds .

In SANSTIERCE’s new program, which will be premiered at the Festival for Early Music Cologne, we will extol this city in medieval songs. But we will also be celebrating the practiced “convicencia” of Al’Andaluz, the dream of a coexistence of the religions and cultures.

Many of these songs are only preserved as texts – here singer Maria Jonas will become a trobairitz and find the appropriate melodies to the texts. She will be accompanied by her congenial colleagues Bassem Hawar (djoze), Dominik Schneider (quinterne, flutes), and the internationally renowned ’ūd player Saad Mahmood Jawad from Bahrain, who will improvise to the medieval songs and add his own pieces in modal occidental and oriental styles. Entirely in the style of Sanstierce: cultivate and revive the old roots.

Maria Jonas – voice, trobairitz & concept
Bassem Hawar – djoze, percussion & Arabian compositions
Dominik Schneider – gittern, flutes & modal compositions
als Gast:
Saad Mahmood Jawad– ’ūd